*Full Paper
Manuscripts must be written in English and follow the instructions at Manuscript Formatting and Templates. Full paper should be 4-12 pages including paper title, authors' names, abstract, keywords, figures, tables, references and appendices.

To ensure the high quality of the accepted papers, all submissions will be peer-reviewed. Please only submit original material where copyright of all parts is owned by the authors declared and which is not currently under review elsewhere.

Accepted and presented papers will be published into conference proceedings, which will be online and indexed.

For those papers do not want to be published but presenting and discussing at the conferece, you can submit an abstract first, for presentation only. Your abstract will not be published but only included in the conference program book.

*Submission Instructions
Full Paper Template(论文模板): Download
Abstract Format(摘要模板): Download

*Submission Method
Please submit your paper(word+pdf) to Online Submission System

About Presentation: NEMD 2021 welcomes both oral and poster presentations with high quality. If you are author who wants to do oral or poaster presentation without paper publication, please submit your presentation title and abstract to the Conference Secretary before the submission deadline (January 8) for further review.
About Participation: NEMD 2021 welcomes listeners who are academic scientists, researchers and scholars related to Energy Engineering, New Energy Materials and Devices from all around the world. If you are interested in the conference, please register to join in us before the registration deadline: January 10.
For Presenter and Participant who are interested in attending NEMD 2021 with no publication, please complete the registration before the registration deadline.(Online Registration System
NEMD 2021 is utterly intolerant of plagiarism. Submitted papers are expected to contain original work executed by the authors with adequate, proper and scholarly citations to the work of others. It is the job of the authors to clearly identify both their own contribution(s) and also published results / techniques on which they depend or build.

If the author is found to commit an act of plagiarism, the following acts of sanction will be taken:

1. Reject the article submitted or delete the article from the final publications.
2. Report the authors violation to his/her supervisor(s) and affiliated institution(s)
3. Report the authors violation to the appropriate overseeing office of academic ethics and research funding agency.
4. Reserve the right to publish the authors name(s), the title of the article, the name(s) of the affiliated institution and the details of misconduct, etc. of the plagiarist.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: November 20, 2020 January 5, 2021

Registration Deadline: January 7, 2021

Conference Date: January 15-17, 2021

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